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War of Continents

Build your empire, explore the world, and conquer your enemies in an engaging online strategy game!

NFT-based Game

Mint unique Lands & Heroes. These NFTs are truly yours, offering exclusive ownership and the ability to play, trade, or even sell them on market.

Earn rewards by playing the game. The more you play, the more you earn.

Mission-based Gameplay

Embark on missions to explore the world, fight monsters, and collect resources. Complete missions to earn rewards and level up your Heroes.

Utilize your NFT heroes' unique abilities to complete missions, conquer challenges, and potentially earn valuable rewards through gameplay.

Evolving Game World

Exciting plans for the future: Briefly mention your vision for the future of the game, such as new content updates, features, or gameplay modes.

Join a community of players and influence the game world. Vote on proposals to change the game world.