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  • Epoch One the GoalEpoch One the Goal
    In Epoch One, your journey begins with the goal of amassing gold for the next epoch. To achieve this, you’ll need to harness the elemental forces within your lands, a process that demands a careful balance of gold, Elementals, and even rare platinum coins. This vital improvement process allows you to evolve each element on your land, unlocking their potential and setting the stage for future advancements. Gold, the lifeblood of your burgeoning empire, flows from areas where the elemental powers are strong. However, it’s not just gold you’ll need. Elementals, mystical beings intrinsically tied to each element’s power, play a crucial role. Sometimes, you’ll also require platinum coins, which are both rare and valuable. Finding these Elementals isn’t easy. A special ...
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About the project

The game takes place in a fantasy world where every participant who owns a plot of the Land can feel like the ruler of the city. For players without Lands, the fate of mercenaries is proposed. Heroes will be able to complete tasks for a fee. All actions are performed in real time and include interactions between players, both friendly and hostile.

Main features

LandsYou can buy, own, improve and sell your Land plots   HeroesYou can buy, own, improve, breed, run missions, fight and many more…   Secondary marketLands and Heroes are NFT, so you can trade with other players on NFT market   Passive incomeYou will receive passive income in Gold from your Land, and more Gold after you complete an upgrade of your Land   StakingGet additional income while you are staking Gold in Liquidity and staking pools  

Road map

Epoch 0 – Preparation Gameplay design Community development Investor relationship Core Team   Epoch 1 – Lands Lands sale at two continents Gold Liquidity pool Lands marketplace   Epoch 2 – Heroes Heroes’ sale Heroes breeding Quests Items Items marketplace   Epoch 3 – Buildings Resources Land’s buildings Alliances Internal mail   Epoch 4 – Units Units Barracks Battle Arena   Epoch 5 – War Attacks on enemy lands Minigames PVE   Epoch 6 – Race Forge and armor Alchemist and amulets Equipment secondary market   Epoch 7 – Citadel Battle for the citadel   Epoch 8 – the War of the Continents the War of the Continents Discovery of a new continent  


Platinum coins are a governance token, through which holders may infuence on decisions regarding projects. The circulation of platinum coins is limited, they can be purchased on the stock exchange or received as a premium for participating in the liquidity pools of platinum and gold coins, or by becoming an investor in the project.

Gold coins have no release limit, are generated and burned in the gameplay. Gold coins are the main payment instrument in the game, all exchange pairs in the DEX are built with them.


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