What is the War of Continents Platinum Coin for?

platinum coin The War of Continents Platinum Coin (PTC) is required to vote, Mints of Lands and Heroes, payment for some important improvements in the game, and a way to bring some fund into the game. Now a little more detail on each of the methods of application.
The War of Continents project has a high-level plan, however, medium-term prospects, and, moreover, implementation details, may change and be refined in the course of work on the project. In situations where the discussion of possible options for the development of functions by the community in discord server will involve alternative options, the issue will be put to a vote. Owners of Platinum Coins will be able to take part in these voting.
Mint Lands
Mint of Lands is possible only for Platinum coins. The mint cost in the first round of the Land sale will be 100 PTC for one plot. It is important to mention that Platinum Coins will be burned when minting Lands. Which will positively affect their value.
Mint Generation Zero Heroes
Mint Generation Zero Heroes (same as with Earths) will only be available for Platinum Coins. The cost will be set by the administration before the start of the sale. Same as with Lands, all PTC spent on Mint Generation Zero Heroes will be burned.
After the Zero-gen Heroes sale, the Epoch of Heroes will come. New Heroes will be able to come to the world of War of Continents, due to the Heroes breed. To get new Heroes, you will need, among other things, to spend a small amount of Platinum Coins. PTC spent on breeding will also be burned. You will be able to buy Lands and Heroes on the secondary market, and on the market you will be able to pay for the purchase with other cryptocurrencies.
Game improvements
Some important upgrades will require payment in PTC. Platinum coins spent on improvements will be transferred to the project treasury and will be spend on the work of the development team and contractors.

Where can I get Platinum Coin?

The only currently available way to deposit funds into the War of Continents metaverse is through the purchase of Platinum Coins. In the first stages, it will be a launchpad. Later, there will be liquidity pools on decentralised exchanges, where it will be possible to exchange familiar cryptocurrencies for Platinum coins, which are so necessary in the project.
The launchpad is designed to sell Platinum coins to anyone. The launchpad does not imply the reverse purchase of coins. Launchpad is organised in such a way that the price of Platinum coins will increase with each coin purchased, in other words, the earlier you buy your coins on Launchpad, the lower the average cost will be, so we recommend you hurry up. The funds raised on the Launchpad will go to finance the development of War of Continents: paying for the work of developers and designers, contractors, renting servers and purchasing the necessary software and services. In addition to the Launchpad, for those wishing to purchase a large amount of Platinum Coins, there is an opportunity to discuss the personal terms of such a purchase (DM admins on discord).
Of course, the Platinum Coin can be freely bought and sold on decentralised exchanges. The administration is now contemplating enough needed to create a pool of liquidity. However, we are not in a hurry to make a pool, we consider our priority to be the development of the project’s functionality.
Yield farming
For the operation of the project, it is planned to create several liquidity pools to ensure exchanges on decentralised exchanges. For example, a pair of Platinum coin to stablecoin, Platinum coin to Gold coin and so on. Participation in the various liquidity pools of the War of Continents project will be rewarded and in addition to the normal exchange percentage, liquidity providers will receive an incentive reward in PTC. It will be very attractive for liquidity providers that the same number of coins will be distributed to the liquidity provider rewards every day (every year this daily amount will be adjusted) and the reward will be accrued in proportion to the total share of participation in liquidity pools.

How many coins issued?

While token generation event 21 million Platinum coins were minted. Estimation shows that 18 – 22 million coins will be enough, so the decision was made to withdraw 21 million. There are no further plans to mint additional PTCs, although the possibility remains.

What is War of Continents Platinum Coin in terms of blockchain?

The Platinum Coin contract was developed in accordance with the ERC20 standard and extended with some features. The main extension of the standard is the possibility of organising the voting process. Compliance with the ERC20 standard means that:
  • holders of Platinum coins will be able to keep their coins on their usual wallets that support the standard
  • Coins can easily be sent to other addresses based on user needs
  • Coins can be traded on any DEX in pairs with any other cryptocurrencies, as long as the appropriate liquidity pools are created there

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