Security audit of two smart contracts has been completed

We are pleased to announce that the security audit of two smart contracts has been completed and all the necessary comments and recommendations have been discussed and processed! The current epoch of the project involves deployment of two smart contracts: the platinum coin itself and the launchpad, tool to spread platinum coin among players and investors. The development of the smart contracts was completed a few weeks ago, and the search for an audit company that would conduct an audit was immediately started. The source code of smart contracts is available on GitHub in the repository: After discussions the scope of work with a dozen companies, we have chosen the best candidate – DATAMI.EE. The contract with the auditor was signed on 07/21/2022, and a week later we started discussing the list of vulnerabilities that the auditor found. It should be noted, and we are enormously proud of this fact, that no critical and high-level vulnerabilities were identified. The audit identified one medium-level vulnerability and a dozen low-level vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvements. The audit report itself can be found here. In addition, if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the certificate of passing the audit of smart contracts. And we have couple of additional links on LinkedIn and auditors web blog here, here and here Considering that the audit comments have been processed, we have begun preparations for deploying smart contracts on the mainnet.

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