Unveiling a New Era of Gameplay: Comprehensive Updates and Enhanced Features Now Live on Testnet

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that a comprehensively reimagined version of the game has been successfully deployed to our testnet server, accessible via This new deployment represents a significant milestone for our team and the broader gaming community. We’ve introduced a multitude of enhanced features, and we’re incredibly excited for you to experience them firsthand.

Among these compelling updates, you will discover a more streamlined system for the acquisition of Platinum Coins, an innovative mechanism for minting your own virtual lands, and a visually captivating interface that allows you to view existing lands—be it your own or those owned by fellow participants.

To complement this major update, we’ve also enriched our official documentation, giving you detailed insights into these new features and functionalities. You can delve deeper into the game’s mechanics and features by visiting our updated documentation. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guides and tips to enhance your gameplay experience.

These advancements are designed not just as added benefits but as game-changing features that are bound to revolutionize your interaction with the game world. Our team has invested considerable time and effort to ensure that these new functionalities offer a more intuitive and immersive user experience.

We warmly invite you to explore these new possibilities on our testnet server and engage with the enriched documentation. Your feedbackis invaluable to us as we continue to refine and expand the game’s capabilities. Thank you for your ongoing support; we’re incredibly excited for you to dive in and experience all that the newly updated version has to offer!

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