Epoch One the Goal

In Epoch One, your journey begins with the goal of amassing gold for the next epoch. To achieve this, you’ll need to harness the elemental forces within your lands, a process that demands a careful balance of gold, Elementals, and even rare platinum coins. This vital improvement process allows you to evolve each element on your land, unlocking their potential and setting the stage for future advancements.

Gold, the lifeblood of your burgeoning empire, flows from areas where the elemental powers are strong. However, it’s not just gold you’ll need. Elementals, mystical beings intrinsically tied to each element’s power, play a crucial role. Sometimes, you’ll also require platinum coins, which are both rare and valuable.

Finding these Elementals isn’t easy. A special quest awaits, one that beckons you to explore its mysteries. You’ll need to check in every six hours, but here’s the twist: Elementals don’t stick around forever. They have a habit of leaking away, like water from a leaky bucket. You can’t stop the leaking, but you can slow it down. To do this, you’ll need to make their containers better using elemental seals.

Elemental seals come in different rarities, with rarer seals significantly reducing the speed at which Elementals leak. To maximize their effectiveness, you have to apply these seals individually to each Elemental vault. You get these seals by completing tasks in the game.

As you go on in your adventure in Epoch One, getting gold, Elementals, platinum coins, and seals will become a bit like a puzzle. It’s all about finding the right balance and making smart moves to make your empire stronger in this ever-changing game world.”


Unveiling a New Era of Gameplay: Comprehensive Updates and Enhanced Features Now Live on Testnet

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that a comprehensively reimagined version of the game has been successfully deployed to our testnet server, accessible via This new deployment represents a significant milestone for our team and the broader gaming community. We’ve introduced a multitude of enhanced features, and we’re incredibly excited for you to experience them firsthand.

Among these compelling updates, you will discover a more streamlined system for the acquisition of Platinum Coins, an innovative mechanism for minting your own virtual lands, and a visually captivating interface that allows you to view existing lands—be it your own or those owned by fellow participants.

To complement this major update, we’ve also enriched our official documentation, giving you detailed insights into these new features and functionalities. You can delve deeper into the game’s mechanics and features by visiting our updated documentation. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guides and tips to enhance your gameplay experience.

These advancements are designed not just as added benefits but as game-changing features that are bound to revolutionize your interaction with the game world. Our team has invested considerable time and effort to ensure that these new functionalities offer a more intuitive and immersive user experience.

We warmly invite you to explore these new possibilities on our testnet server and engage with the enriched documentation. Your feedbackis invaluable to us as we continue to refine and expand the game’s capabilities. Thank you for your ongoing support; we’re incredibly excited for you to dive in and experience all that the newly updated version has to offer!


Testnet launchpad deployed

Long time no see…. After a long break, which unfortunately happened to us, we are returning to work on the project. Polygon was finally chosen as the network for our project. And on this network, platinum coin contracts have already been deployed, and you can even buy it for test dollars! Detailed information on how to participate in testing can be found on the launchpad page and in our discord. Join the test community! on the one hand, you will be able to make the project better, and on the other hand, get a chance to participate in the airdrop …. but more on that later

Security audit of two smart contracts has been completed

We are pleased to announce that the security audit of two smart contracts has been completed and all the necessary comments and recommendations have been discussed and processed!

What is the War of Continents Platinum Coin for?

platinum coin The War of Continents Platinum Coin (PTC) is required to vote, Mints of Lands and Heroes, payment for some important improvements in the game, and a way to bring some fund into the game. Now a little more detail on each of the methods of application.
The War of Continents project has a high-level plan, however, medium-term prospects, and, moreover, implementation details, may change and be refined in the course of work on the project. In situations where the discussion of possible options for the development of functions by the community in discord server will involve alternative options, the issue will be put to a vote. Owners of Platinum Coins will be able to take part in these voting.

The Whole new World is coming

Metaverse is the hottest topic today. Many publications write about it, everybody talks about it during coffee, large companies launch their projects related to Metaverse. In general, Metaverse is the trend of today. But like most beginner development teams in the field, big or small, we are all learning and trying out this new Metaverse concept. And, as you know, learning is better by playing, so we chose the game as the basis for our project.


The second hot topic today is play2earn. Play2earn this is a model when the user of the project could earn money while playing. A very attractive idea, isn’t it?


The third new modern and hot concept that we want to implement in our project is DeFi. DeFi, over the past few years, has matured and become a serious concept with a huge number of successful projects. DeFi is all about money, about loans, about insurance, about the exchange of assets. We will add DeFi elements to our project, since it is important for us to organize its project economics and DeFi is very suitable for solving such problems.


And finally, blockchain. How could it be without him? Of course, any respectful project should simply use the blockchain, and we are no exception.


With all the exciting new technologies and our willingness to be a part of this huge paradigm shift were tempted to start our own project. As I mentioned earlier, our project will be a game. Inspired by the best ideas in the field of games, we will not be pioneers here, but we hope to contribute to the development of this fusion of ideas and technologies.


The game will take place in a fantasy world where every player who owns a plot of the Land can feel like the ruler of the city. But the possession of the Lands will not be a prerequisite for participation in the project – the possession of the Heroes will allow you to take an active part in the life of our new World.


Lands and Heroes will be NFTs (oh, it seems I forgot to mention earlier about another technology that we want to apply in our project 😉 with all the ensuing consequences. You will be able to acquire Lands and Heroes, take part in the Game and improve them, or simply own them, and over time, you will be able to profitably sell your Lands and Heroes on marketplaces.


Ownership of the Lands will open opportunities to develop your economic and military power, and the Heroes will allow you to actively interact with the world of the Game. In the arsenal of the Game, there are opportunities to develop an army, complete Missions to generate income, form alliances with other players, fight with opponents, strengthen your defenses, trade, a lot of things.


Currently, while I am writing this post, our project is in the preparatory phase. We are finishing the development of the concept of the Game and are starting to publish it in parts, you can get acquainted with it in the documentation section. We are creating our community and negotiating with investors to raise funds for development.


We look to the future with interest and hope to meet you in the vastness of our world of the War of Continents.