Metaverses are rapidly developing in the modern world. Every day new opportunities are created, and old boundaries are overcome. We want to contribute to this interesting and very promising area.

Our game is based on play2earn principles and belongs to MMORPG. Owning land, completing missions in the game will generate income that can be spent on improvements within the game and, of course, traded on DEX. Making money by playing in the modern world is not just a dream, but a very real opportunity.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where every participant who owns a plot of the Land can feel like the ruler of the city. For players without Lands, the fate of mercenaries is proposed. Heroes will be able to complete tasks for a fee. All actions are performed in real time and include interactions between players, both friendly and hostile.

A web browser with MetaMask support is used as a game interface, but we do not exclude the possibility of an application for mobile devices in the future.