Element Seals

Element Seals. TESTNET

In the immersive universe of War of Continents, Elemental Spirits serve as a crucial and highly valued resource. However, their volatile nature means that they deplete over time, making long-term storage a challenging endeavor. To help players conserve these ephemeral entities for upcoming Elemental upgrades, we’re introducing the use of Elemental Seals for your vaults.

Elemental Seals come in five rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary. The protection level of your vault is directly correlated to the rarity of the Seal you choose to apply. By utilizing these Seals, you can reduce the depletion rate of your stored Elementals by anywhere from 1% to an astounding 80%. This enables you to save more Elementals for future use, ensuring you’re better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

While Elemental Seals can be applied to any vault, it’s worth noting that the Seal itself will be consumed in the process and disappear from your inventory. You have the freedom to apply multiple Seals to a single vault, but remember that their effects are not cumulative.

By strategically leveraging Elemental Seals, players can make more informed decisions about resource management, allowing for more effective gameplay and a stronger, more robust empire.