Land details

Land details. TESTNET

Immerse yourself further in the enchanting world of Land by using the “Details” button, your portal to an additional form. This form opens the door to explore Land’s properties.

Alongside familiar information like continent details, coordinates, and building slots, this form presents a wealth of valuable supplementary data. Uncover insights into available Seals of elements, crucial aids in minimizing elemental leakage. Plus, keeping tabs on your elemental stocks is made effortless.

Yet, the true allure, in our view, lies in the captivating elemental search quest. With a simple click on the designated button at the page’s bottom and completion of the associated transaction, a treasure trove of elementals becomes yours. The volume depends on factors like luck, land type, and time of day. After a period, you can return to witness the unfolding of your quest’s outcome.

A gentle reminder: the quest comes with a cooldown period of just 10 minutes on the test network, extending to 6 hours on the main network. While the cooldown counter isn’t currently visible, please know that we’re actively working on its implementation. Your experience remains our utmost priority.