Within the realm of each Land, a harmonious interplay of Four Elements unfolds: the airy Air, the fiery Fire, the fluid Water, and the grounding Earth. These Elements embark on their journey at level 0 when you begin with a new Land. However, their potential for growth knows no bounds, as you have the power to nurture them to ascend up to level 30.

The artistry of progression rests in your hands, as each Element’s ascent intertwines with your realm’s evolution. A delicate dance emerges, connecting the elevation of Elements with the advancement of your Palace and the array of buildings that adorn your domain.

As you guide these Elements to ascend, their symphony resonates beyond the mere accumulation of gold. Elevated Element levels breathe life into your coffers, enhancing your income and imbuing your realm with promises of prosperity.

But this symphony encompasses more than just material wealth. The crescendo of Element elevation ushers forth profound transformations: fortifying defenses, empowering alliances, forging guilds, and mastering dominion. These are the grand movements orchestrated by your nurturing touch, rising in harmony with the ascent of each Element.

With every level achieved, you not only weave a tapestry of progress but also compose a tale of transformation. The Elements act as your instruments, and your landscape serves as the canvas upon which this symphony of growth is painted.

So, with Elements as your guiding notes and the horizon as your canvas, join this symphony of elevation. Nurture your Elements, direct your realm’s crescendo, and let the melody of prosperity echo across the expanse of your Land.