In the captivating tapestry of Land’s evolution, Elementals stand as crucial ingredients, accompanied by the timeless companionship of Gold and Platinum coins. These Elementals, each bearing a distinct essence, are the building blocks of advancement:

  • The Breath of Air, a whispering zephyr that carries promise.
  • The Spark of Fire, a flickering ember that ignites possibilities.
  • The Water Drop, a crystalline gift that flows with potential.
  • The Grain of Earth, a grounding gem that nurtures growth.

To breathe life into the Elements that shape your realm, you must amass the delicate balance of these resources. Progress unfurls as you gather the requisite number of Elementals, seamlessly blending the elements of nature with the ambition of your goals.

Yet, the path to harness these ethereal forces is free of barriers; Elementals are attainable without cost. The Land’s steward is granted four chances within a span of 24 hours to harvest Elementals (it will be changed in Epoch 2), subtly concealed within the embrace of your surroundings. These treasures, stored in four vessels, possess an alluring duality — their versatility and penetrative presence are such that up to 35% of the reservoir dissipates daily, a testament to their enchanting nature.

While these resources may appear elusive, the avenues to enhance their abundance are diverse and inviting. As you traverse this landscape of growth, embrace the myriad ways to amplify your Elementals, harmonizing the whispers of the elements with your aspirations for an enriched Land.